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Healthy Beverages For A Healthy Lifestyle


Healthy Beverages For A Healthy Lifestyle




Our Sugarcane is ethically sourced from Jamaica, we support family businesses that have been running for many years in Jamaica. We work with local farmers and the community exporting goods from Jamaica to the UK. Our sugarcane is always peeled before cold pressing providing a fresher cleaner Juice. Our other produce used in our juices such as lemons lime and ginger are sourced from various local community markets in the UK.



We use fresh ingredients such as Lemons, Lime, Ginger, Carrots, and Apples to name a few to make unique juices, they are mixed together to create our delicious Drinks. Our Juices are made daily upon receipt of orders to ensure you have the freshest juice possible. We recommend consuming your juices within 24hours of delivery.



Our Juices are designed to be Nutrient and Vitamin Rich, we’ve carefully selected the best ingredients to maximise this.

Some of the benefits of our juices include, Lowering cholesterol, Energy Booster, Rich source of antioxidants, and aiding Digestion.

Our Intentions are to leave you happy, refreshed and wanting more once drinking our Juices.


Here at City Juice we only use high quality natural ingredients for our Juices. We believe that Natural fruits and vegetables offer the best benefits to our health so we don’t add any preservatives or un natural ingredients to our Juices.

We have a range of other products which we are currently developing to add to our range to offer you so watch this space.

Fresh cold pressed juices will bring Joy to all the Family

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Interesting Facts About Sugar Cane

Sugarcane plants takes 9 to 24 months to grow to maturity, depending on the climate, and they are the raw material that produces 80 of the world’s sugar production, while the plants are also used for making ethanol, molasses, bagasse, rum and other products.

Sugarcane is a grass plant with 36 variations and types

Cane Plant can grow up to 30 feet high

Sugarcane juice is fructose, sucrose, and there are several other glucoses.

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