How long does Sugarcane Juice last?

Sugarcane juice can last up to a couple of days if kept refrigerated, we recommend consuming within 24hrs of opening the Juice.

Can you freeze Sugarcane Juice?

Yes! Sugarcane juice can be frozen, we recommend freezing straight away and consuming within 2 months of the juice being frozen.

Where does our cane come from?

We primarily source our Sugarcane from Jamaica but we also source sugarcane from Africa and South America.

Do we add any preservatives to our juices?

All are juices are completely preservative free, we only use natural ingredients.

Is sugarcane safe for diabetics?

Sugarcane juice is safe for most diabetics if consumed in moderation although we recommend checking with your doctor if unsure.

How long does delivery take?

We aim to deliver our juices by the next day if ordered before 3pm although sometimes there are circumstances outside our control that can affect this.

Is Sugarcane juice good for you?

Yes sugarcane juice is very healthy for you if consumed in moderation, it has many health benefits which are listed on our sugarcane benefits page.

Why is the Pure Sugarcane Juice darker in colour than the other sugarcane juices e.g. Sugarcane with Lemon Or Lime ?

Pure Sugarcane naturally turns a darker colour due to the oxidisation process, this occurs shortly after the sugarcane has been juiced this has no effect on the taste or quality of the juice. When sugarcane juice is mixed with Lemon or Lime this will stay a lighter colour due to the acidity in the fruits.

Sugarcane Juice colours vary depending on the cane itself and what its mixed with so don’t be surprised at the variants in the juices.